About DMC Group

The bottom line? When you're happy, we're happy. At DMC, our team philosophy is to treat you the way we want to be treated. We've accomplished this since 2000 by hiring the best builders in the industry. Builders who not only listen to your needs, but who are creative, trustworthy and just good people. The result? Quality work with no stress. And, a business that has primarily grown and thrived through referrals and repeat customers. 



Jeff, founder and President of DMC, was born and raised in Conyers, GA, and has called Georgia his home his entire life. After graduating from University of Georgia and working in the construction industry, Jeff founded DMC. Jeff is a licensed residential and commercial contractor with a passion for bringing Atlanta homeowners quality construction with a focus on the customer.

In 2000, after working in the construction industry, I established DMC to bring a different kind of home improvement company to the Atlanta area. My vision was to build a company that brought craftsmanship along with exceptional customer service. Since starting DMC over 15 years ago, I believe I continue to accomplish this with my homeowners by listening to them and creating the home they’ve always dreamed of.
— Jeff Durham

Amy Durham

Amy, co-owner and designer. After years of working in sales and public relations, Amy joined Jeff and began her design career at DMC. Amy has an eye for design and will work with you during the design stage and throughout the process to ensure you are completely satisfied with your remodel. 

I have a passion for design. I never want one of our clients to say, ‘I love my bathroom, but… ‘There should never be a but. If there is something a client is not happy with, it is my job to make sure they are completely satisfied.
— Amy Durham


Dave lives the DMC philosophy of ‘Customer Service and Quality Craftsmanship is key to happy homeowners’. Regardless of the project size he insures our clients are satisfied with the day to day activities of the renovation.


Stas began with DMC shortly after Jeff founded the company. Gifted at tile, trim work, and paying attention to details, he is a hard worker and makes sure things are always done the right way!


Horiberto is skilled in all areas of the construction process, from framing to sheetrock to trim he can do pretty much all of it. He has been with DMC since 2008 and is a valued asset to the team!

Ivey Giovannielli

–Ivey is the nuts and bolts that keeps us organized, scheduled and on track. She is the backbone of our office.