Kitchen Must Haves!!

We all know that no matter how big and spacious a home is, everyone seems to congregate into the kitchen- no matter what!! Not sure why that is, but I wanted to make sure my kitchen was welcoming and functional at the same time.

I knew a few things I disliked about my last kitchen that I was sure to change! For example, my fridge needed to be out of my direct work space and my dishwasher convenient to put up the dishes. The trash can needed to be a pull out and close to both the stove and the sink!! These are just a few things Jeff and I discussed when we reconfigured the layout of our “dream kitchen”.

farmhouse kitchen

Anytime I first start working with someone, I have a series of questions:

  1. How do you use your kitchen?

  2. What works for you? What doesn’t work for you?

  3. What do you like/not like currently? What would you change?

  4. What are your family dynamics?

  5. Do you entertain often? If so, who? Family? Friends? 14 of the neighborhood kids??

Some people probably think I am crazy when I start out asking these questions instead of what color cabinets do you want? The truth is, the answers to these questions are very important in moving forward!!

Before Jeff and I ever looked at appliances or counter tops, we knew what features we wanted (and didn’t want). I knew I wanted a pull out pantry instead of the traditional pantry I had and we needed several big pot/pan drawers. The bar stools had to tuck under the island when not in use. Also, I knew that I did not want marble anywhere because we use our kitchen… our kids use our kitchen… do I need to say anymore??

Don’t get me wrong, I totally had an idea of the style I wanted to achieve when I was thinking about the functionality of the kitchen, but I did not focus on that until I had the layout of our kitchen figured out. As the layout evolved, so did the aesthetics.

I am lucky to have (in my opinion) the best custom cabinet maker in North Atlanta!! He works with me to make each space unique and customized for each family. Not only do they provide top notch craftsmanship, we always deliver a kitchen that makes people say “WOW”!! That my friends is what we love the most and keeps us doing what we do!!!

White kitchen cabinets

My top 10 kitchen must haves!!

  1. Pull out trash can!

  2. Large drawers- not pullouts in cabinets! The latter is a 2 step process to to get what you want… First, open the door then pull out the drawer. A drawer, is a simple, one pull… I like simple!!

  3. Pull out pantry shelves! This is beyond great!! Everything fits in there better and more organized than my “traditional” pantry in the old kitchen!!

  4. Cookie sheet & casserole dish dividers

  5. Spice rack pull out- didn’t know I needed this until I got it!! Big surprise win!!

  6. Microwave Drawer- we all know microwaves are kinda ugly, so put it low and hidden!! The Sharp microwave drawer has flip out control panel which makes it super easy!!

  7. Hidden outlets!!! These are so great!! Leaves my backslash looking crisp and clean!!

  8. A vent hood over my cook top that is a focal point!! Hugo and Gustavo worked with my sketch and craziness to create it just the way I wanted!! They are fantastic!!

  9. Under cabinet lighting!!! This is the best task lighting we have in the whole house!! I will not have another kitchen without it!!!

  10. Large basin sink under a big window!!!


In case you forgot


This was Before

Just remember, it does not matter if your kitchen is white, green, purple or plaid, if it doesn’t function properly for YOU, then you missed the design part of your remodel! My philosophy as a designer is, function first!! Once we decide how your kitchen will best works for you, then I promise we will pull out the color wheel and make it “magazine worthy”!!!

Leave me a comment- What do you like or dislike about your kitchen?? Or tell me what you would put in your next kitchen!! I love hearing from you!!!

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