Designer Wife and the Contractor

Oh Happy Day!!!! I am Amy- an interior designer and wife to the most amazing, talented and patient man, Jeff. He is a contractor. We married in 2006 and I had big plans for him. Most women have dreams of white picket fences, dogs and children... well, not me... my plans included a tongue-and-grove ceiling, tile floors and wainscoting... but he shut that down real fast!! We joke that it was in our wedding vows that I would not make him work on my (I mean, our) house all the time.... And I have respected that, until now!!

We bought a house! Not just any house... an old house, dark with great bones!! Let me translate that for you... she has a great personality with so much potential!! Sitting on acreage with fantastic trees, a floor plan which is basically what I would have built- and a perfect spot to build our office & Jeff’s dream workshop!! I mean, what could get any better??

The inside!!! It is so circa 1983 and brown I cannot stand it!! Seriously, my most favorite part is how "original" it is!! Nearly everything is original... the ovens, the bathrooms... even the carpet!!  We could not be more thrilled to have the opportunity to make it our own, together- one idea at a time!!

Who am I kidding- we have so many ideas swirling around I hope you can keep up!!

Check out our 1980 something beauty in the rough and watch our progress as we renovate each and every room


So happy that you took the time to check out our 1980 something beauty in the rough. I hope you will follow our progress as we renovate each and every room, inside and out. You can also follow us on Instagram as dmc_home #designerwifeandthecontractor